The Asia-Pacific Society of Ocular Oncology & Pathology (APSOOP) is dedicated to advance and promote the practice of ocular oncology and pathology. The APSOOP represents professional associations of ophthalmologists specialized in the management of tumors of the eyelids, conjunctiva, intraocular structures, and orbit. The Society, therefore, has a responsibility for all the patients in the region to protect their lives, regain their eye health, improve their eye function and maintain their eye beauty with updated knowledge and modified skill.

The APSOOP came into being in the increasing attention and demand for the subspecialty of Ocular Oncology & Pathology. Eye tumors are fatal diseases that could cause blindness and appearance impairment. Professional understanding of eye tumor etiology, clinical features and prognosis, and canonical diagnoses and managements of eye tumors are necessary to preserve and restore health, vision, and beauty for the patients.

The mission of the APSOOP is to promote the advancement of ocular oncology and pathology by the encouragement of research, the development of techniques, the improvement of patient care, and the coordination with general ophthalmology, general oncology, ophthalmic pathology, and allied sciences.

Although the APSOOP is still developing, continuous efforts have been performed to provide the highest-level treatment to patients for their healthy lives.